Why call George Weeks?

When buying or selling a home, no decision is more important than choosing the real estate agent who will represent you throughout the transaction. Beyond being trustworthy, you need representation with the experience and the drive to get you the right price every time. You need Team George Weeks.

You’re about to make of of the biggest decisions you’re going to face. Whether you’re buying or sell who is going to be the real estate professional that helps you. At Team George Weeks our philosophy is to have the heart of a servant. We put your needs first.

When I first got my real estate license back in 1987, I realized the positive impact we could make on people’s lives. Since then we have developed a team of professionals in the area. People that live here, that have raised their families here, that know how to help you find your perfect home or of you’re getting ready to sell, how to sell that house in the shortest amount of time possible.

The average real estate agent will sell about a dozen houses a year. At Team George Weeks, we average selling a home every business day.

The difference is the team. I realized that there is no way one person can give you all the services that you need to properly sell your house or help you find your new home. That’s why I surrounded myself with the best professionals I could in the area. Buyers agents, listing agents, closing coordinators a full marketing team to look at every detail of the transaction and take away the stress so you have a great experience.

We have developed an award winning team because of the attention to detail and service that we have. And it’s because of that reason that 86% of our business is repeat/referral business at this point. Customers that have come back to us over the years and sending their friends to us because they trust us.

Not only are we experts with the local market, but being with RE/MAX, we have the power of the nation’s #1 real estate company behind us. We can help you anywhere you want to move to in the country and every day our phone is ringing with people coming here.

Our motto is “Honesty, Integrity and Great Service”. Let our business family serve your family and give you the level of professionalism and service you deserve.

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